Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good Morning!

Thursday, Thursday! The weekend is almost here! I am excited. That means it is that much closer for me to see my familY! I am looking forward to relaxing! Thank goodness my mother has a sewing machine because then I can just bring my fabric instead of having to bring my sewing machine all the way up and taking up room in the car. My boyfriend gets a little upset when we have to lug so much stuff around! But leave it to me!! That is why my grandmother calls me the bag lady! I always have bags of stuff and millions of bags with me!

Today I have an interview at 11 so my sewing has been delayed until after my interview and all of our running around is taken care of.

I have been digging for resources online! I have been finding quite a bit and will be posting them! There are a lot of things out there you can do on your own instead of going to a store! I would much rather have something that was crafted by hand and made with love than a factory machine that has put it together! :)

Yesterday, my little girl was grounded because she was so naughty the night before so she had to stay in all day with no t.v. and no friends! So, she did something productive and crafted! I will post pictures tomorrow. :) She will be a little artist just like her Mama yet. I love her.

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Take care and mucho love to my friendships!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

whimsical wednesdays!

Good morning everyone! Today is going to be another hotone here in the Chicagoland area! Yesterday was 100 degrees out!
Good thing we have air conditioning now! Darn, stuck insidea--leaving lots of time to create!

Since my little girl was kind of mean yesterday she gets to stay inside all day-no friends. So we have been crafting! She is going to be an artist just like her Mama! :)

I am cutting fabric for more bags! My goal is to have 8 new ones up online for my show case! 7 1/2 to go! :)

Hoping the showcase will bring me some exposure! So, be watching my etsy shop!

Until later, love for my dear artist friendships!


Monday, June 22, 2009

oh lovely manic mondays!

Let me tell you; it has been a crazy couple of weeks for me! I am currently unemployed and just opened my etsy shop! Of course I may be getting a little antsy! However, I did sell one of my bags!!!!! ♥♥ So that was a positive aspect of life this week.
Then we our water heater totaly crapped out on us! Then the following day we had NO water! If that wasn't enough my daughter's asthma was killing her because of the humidity and we didn't have any air conditioning and the 10 fans we have sure weren't helping us.

Things have just been so crazy and you get to a point where you are yelling at eachother just because you are frustrated and later bust out laughing! At least we have learned to laugh at our misfourtunes. Apparently God is trying to teach us something. How to appreciate more than we do, be thankful for what have more than we are, learn patience, and to keep our faith strong. Sometimes it is extremely hard to hold a smile when you feel like everything in the world is crashing down.

I did donate to the Handicap and as well as sell a bunch of clothes at a VERY discounted price so that they could take the clothes to Africa at my garage sale. If I had a job and was sitting at a comfort point which is easily attainable as long as I am working; I would have given the clothes to him for free.

God is there. He is constantly testing us! I just keep telling myself to keep being strong and keep having faith! I keep praying and crying to him. I know he has a plan for us. For each and everyone of us. He has something going on and I feel it soon will give and break through. It is keeping the patience and faith in God to make it to that point.

I think I need to listen to my Joyce Myers discs. It would probably help. Along with Pastor Murray. I am not sure if any of you have heard of these people but look into them.

My latest! The Breezy Lg Tote! Available in my etsy shop!
This economy is terrible and it is affecting EVERYONE! I am and have taken the plunge for selling my bags. However, I am going to start setting goals for myself! Starting at two bags a week. Start small and work towards big. So after a couple weeks of two bags a week I will increase it to three. By July 7, I need to have made at least 8 bags made! I have a spot on the showcase under bags and purses for that date!

Hopefully I will be sitting in Northern Minnesota on the border of Canada relaxing and enjoying the 4th of July with my family. I miss them terribly. Being 13 hours away is very tough with a child and not being able to plan family events as often as you'd like. I guess it depends on if I find a job by then or if I do not if I have money. HA!

We need to learn to humble ourselves. We need to learn to live simple. We need to learn to be self-sufficient!

Anyways, enough of my venting for this fine Monday morning! I have been stuck in a down funk for a while and I am trying to be a bit more positive. Love life! Live it! and Laugh at all the crappy things you encounter.

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Check them out! She has some cute spinner blade earrings that were added yesterday! They are unique. I love them. I might just so happen to get those zebra print ones if someone doesn't beat me to them!

She also has a new bouquet listed! :) Don't be afraid to add to the favorites and come back at a later time! :)

I have a facebook fanpage! I am working on creating a business page for it. It ended up on my regular facebook. So I have some figuring out to do!

Any ideas, articles, poems, requests for blogs, tutorials and so on---- send me an email! I would love to hear from you! I need more artists to communicate with!

Much love to all my dear friendships out there!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Good day! Manic Monday!

Good morning everyone!
Today I am going to upload some DesignsByShanda! I am so intrigued by her creativity!

The photos I am going to post are really neat for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers.... and I am sure if you had a different kind of need for it.. maybe a house warming party or even a birthday party--Shanda could most definately create something for yoU!

Shanda also does bridal boquets and the whole nine yards in the flower arranging category! She creates her boquets with silk flowers so they last a life time!!!! :) They are all made with material so they do not snag on wedding dressings! How great! If you would like to know more information you can contact her at or find her etsy shop online at

Saturday, June 13, 2009

etsy shop

check it out!

i will be posting later this evening or tomorrow afternoon! it is going to be a very busy weekend.

take care!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to write a quick note. I apologize for not posting more on my blog but I have been uber busy. I am working on building up some resources, working on trying to get my shop up and trying to create new products. I have been kind of stressed considering I just jumped in but i do believe that God will carry me through.

I am playing guitar and singing with my buddy Lisa this Friday in the Chicagoland area fundraiser. I have been trying to practice for that and then I will be at the bridal expo this weekend in Oakbrook! I am pretty excited and nervous overall!

If you have time; check out my etsy shop!
My mom's shop for custom wedding flowers is
Also, please check out my friend Juanita in the next four to five months. She is currently on vacation and in the process of getting ready to move.

Hope to hear from you soon! Hope all is well and I will be in touch sooner or later! Might not be until after the weekend with an update of where I am sitting at that time.

peace and love to all.


Friday, June 5, 2009


Welcome to mae creates blog! I will try and keep up with this religiously! My goal is to post at least once a week! I will post new items, upcoming events, photographs, specials, or whatever else it may be that is going on! I can be found on a few different sites! I have a facebook page for mae creates! Feel free to add to recieve daily updates and the old whats going down.

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Once I get a few more things done and situated I will be sitting down to write a long blog to all of you! I look forward to getting feedback, talking, and creating with all of you!

love & peace.
mae ♥