Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Thursday!

What a great couple of days! It has been very productive! Bought a nice long dresser for my daughter! We sanded it down and then we finally got it painted today! :) We painted it white; but I am going to put something on the drawers to dress it up and make it not so plain! I am excited!

I also will be finishing up a custom order tomorrow morning! My friend will be here to pick it up tomorrow night! :) I hope she likes it! I was thinking of making her a wallet for her birthday; since it is on Sunday!
So, I went swimming with my little girl today and spent time with her! It has been kind of crazy around our house! Finals with school this week and watching a kid three days a week. She is such a sweet little girl and I feel bad that I am mostly consumed by a computer with school.

Cleaned the car, finished the laundry, washed dishes, and my sweet man is going to straighten up the house for me tonight so that I can go ahead and have the morning for "me" time!

So, off to try and study for my finals and then get to bed so I can get some more sewing done and create a few more things for the community garage sale and start signing up for a couple of flea markets to go have a table there! :)

Hope everyone has a happy Thurday night! Good night and see you all soon!

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