Sunday, July 26, 2009

m.a.d. mae's artsy distro zine

submission guidelines
Contributions are non paid at this time, but contributors will receive a bio along with credit for all work, along with a free copy of the issue they appear in.
Submissions must be original work of the writer, artist, photographer etc... DO NOT STEAL ANOTHERS WORK.
Articles should be between 500-2000 words long.
Submissions should not be previously published by another publication or print.
Photographs should hold a resolution of 300x360.
Any artwork or coverwork should be 300 dpi and submitted in .jpg or .gif format.
All tutorials must include photos of before, after and while in progress along with concise step by step instructions.
Musicians must send a short bio, and submit a short demo or a link to your page or music to allow for a review.
If you would like to advertise in m.a.d. about art: mae's artsy distro then please contact me for details.
For artists, photographers, writers, and musicians, please include short bios and a photograph or band photograph.

Also accepting submissions for the snail mail art pal section of the zine. Include the Following!
snail mail art pals questionaire
1. what is your favorite genre of art? (i.e., found art, digital art, charcoal, watercolors, oil paints, photography, writing, music, etc.)
2. who is your favorite artist or what artists have inspired you and why?
3. when you are faced with a creativity block; how do you over come it?
4. where do you find it most easy to create your art? (do you have your own studio?)
5. do you keep a daily visual journal or written journal?
6. how did you develop a passion for art?
7. what kind of pens, pencils or journal, sketchbooks do you use?
8. where do you obtain your supplies? (ie. art discout store, walmart, local store, etc)
9. give one qoute you live by that is inspiring to you when you reach some of your tough times in life.
10. give one of your tips to overcome creativity blocks.
11. list an inspiring mixtape of tunes you created you always find yourself listening to while creating.
12. who are your heroes?
13. create one question to add to this questionaire.
when sending information to me for the zine please include a short bio and photo. if sending via email please copy and paste the questionaire.
via email:
via snail mail: Mae Creates
c/o Shanna Olsen
271 E Alpine Dr
Glendale Heights, IL 60139

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