Tuesday, July 28, 2009

good morning!

What a weekend! We went camping and the ride to camping was pretty uncomfortable. I was burried under stuff and my daughter had to sit indian style in the back seat because she had stuff all around her. We are going to need a new car eventually. The poor chevy cavalier just isn't going to do it for family trips and adventures. It was relaxing for the most part. Fun, got to enjoy the stars. Something I miss about being in Minnesota! Met a couple new people and got dissed by some Packer fans but didn't care what they had to say. I was on vacation. :)

I have been so busy with custom orders and haven't had much time to get some things done for my etsy shop. I am also trying to get my zine on a role. So if you have any poems, photographs, original artwork or short stories-- submit! I have three submissions and that is just not going to cut it to have it printed yet.

I made a quilted wallet this morning and love it. However, it was the first one and I totally winged it and will not post it for sale. There are a few things that I know what to do for next time! :) I am excited. I am also now a bookoo admin or mod. :) If you are in the Illinois area feel free to start posting your lovely garage sales at glendaleheights.bookoo.com. It is a neat little site!

I truly love etsy! It is soo great. I love the sincerity of others and how helpful they can be! It is grand! :) I love making new friends!

I will post pictures when I get my camera batteries charged up after I find the charger so everyone can see how much fun we had camping!

The little one is bugging me to do her hair now so I will post later.

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